Saturday, March 15, 2014

On sharing, fast sewing and boy sewing

Well, I didn't expect my last post to pique as much discussion as it did. It's funny, I had been writing that post for a few weeks, worrying that I would sound like a tosser, but it appears most of us feel funny sharing our blogs with real life friends.

From the many comments, it appears most of us sewing bloggers keep our blogs private, only sharing with close family and friends, and that isn't likely to change. Some people even had separate Facebook and Instagram accounts to ensure there wasn't a link between real life and blog life.

Of those that have shared their blogs, I think all of them felt it was a positive experience. They were able to connect with old friends and felt good about inspiring others to sew. Most also noted that even if a blog is shared, it is unlikely that all those privy to the URL will actually read it. Apparently not everyone is interested in reading detailed sewing construction and alteration jibber jabber. Who would think that there is something more interesting to read online??

For now, I have decided to continue to keep my blog private. However, I think I may relax the rules when it comes to those who seem really interested in my sewing. Those people who always ask about my makes and want to discuss the detail. I mean really, how bad can the outcome be?

After posting the week before last about sewing fast, my sewing appears to have taken a much slower pace - typical! I'm finding work and family a bit tiring at the moment and am trying to take it easy to allow a shoulder injury to heal. However, some comments from that post also pointed out a few more tips for speeding up sewing, so I thought I'd share them too.

Group Sewing. A tip that Lena added and something that I also do but forgot to add to my list, is sew everything possibly in a garment at one time, then press it all, then sew again. By minimizing my movement up to the ironing board and back, you can progress through a garment faster. The order of construction will clearly change, but you will finish faster.

Sew a collection of garments with the same over locker or cover stitch thread colour. This is a no brainer, less time changing threads = more time sewing. Some people never change over locker thread, some people change it all the time, like Carolyn. Me, I have 4 main colours of over locking thread - black, off white, grey and red. I can also make mid pink with a couple of bobbins if I need. I think most of these adequately blend into the garments that I make and I'm happy with the look. Have you noticed that I never or very, very rarely sew any blue or green fabric, so I don't need thread to accommodate that.

Pay a cleaner or relax your house cleaning standards to allow more sewing time. I wish I could have a cleaner!! At least I can leave the house a bomb site on occasion.

Add wine! Spied by Ernest, I mean Emma in the photo of my last post, I often enjoy a drop of white while sewing on weekends. It makes the whole experience a little more relaxing and fun!! Just don't add too much wine or you'll sew a disaster!!

I think that's about all the extra fast sewing tips I have for now. Please feel free to add more and maybe I'll make page for them.

Lastly for today, I have some simple boy sewing to share. The boys are rarely sewn for these days and they do notice it. They do love the easy jersey shorts I made for them here and here, so when I hit The Remnant Warehouse with all three kids a few weeks ago looking for lining, I let the boys pick this cool fabric.
I had grey on my over locker and cover stitch machine, so it only took and hour or so to knock up three pairs of shorts from 1 meter of this print.

For the record, I make the boys one size only with their clothes. They share everything, so Ollie wears his smaller and James wears his bigger.

I now have happy boys who now think that I actually make clothes for them too, not just Adele and I.

Happy Weekend friends!


  1. I must have been the only one NOT to comment last week, so I will here, with such cute boys how could I not? I love their moves!
    My sewing has also SLOWED. Sickness, baby sickness, work, taxes. Damn life interfering with my hobbies!
    I got my cleaner back. I lasted 4 months without her.

  2. Cute boys and shorts! :)

    I don't clean. I grocery shop and cook. But I have teens. I have farmed out dishes, laundry and household cleaning. Blah. Blah. Blah! ;)

    I agree, if someone were genuinely interested in the process I would refer them to my blog and note the fact that I follow a bunch of awesome bloggers and they can explore til their hearts content.

    Last weekend I made 3 knits, all using black serger thread. This weekend it'll be two knit tops, both using white thread and hopefully my Thurlow shorts which will also use white thread. Easy peasy :)

  3. I'm joining the discussion late too. My real has found out about my
    blog. One of my friends takes a lot of my photos. I occasionally post a
    link of my blog to my personal facebook page - usually when it's
    something I've made for the girls. Miss A was so pleased with her
    birthday dress last year she showed her teacher and the whole class the
    post about the dress. The teacher now subscribes via email... and a lot
    of the other mums and some teachers at school have cottoned on too.
    Everyone is actually amazed with what I make and very positive about my
    sewing and blogging. And then here's the icing on the cake. I was
    recognised by a total stranger a few weeks ago at a birthday party. She
    came up to me before leaving to say hello and tell me how much she
    likes my blog! Ace shorts by the way...

  4. I love your boy photos...they typically are so full of energy! My boys certainly don't get much either although my oldest did get a new raincoat this week and youngest is waiting in an eBay shipment of Lycra for swimming togs for squad training so I am in a promise!

  5. Awesome to hear Anna. I'll def remember this the next time I find out a friends has spilled the beans to some school mums. :)

  6. Boy sewing is just so boring, in my opinion. But I do love them and they do feel the love from this. I'm looking forward to seeing the raincoat.

  7. Things do get in the way dear. It will pick up again. talk soon

  8. Oh I look forward to the day that I can share more of the house work. My kids tidy their rooms, pick up toys and put away laundry, but still don't do any job very well! Congrats on the smashing sewing!! Three tops!

  9. I'd love to have a house cleaner too! :) Your boys certainly like to pose for the photos, very cute. It's funny they like to share clothes so much as to wear a smaller/bigger size. I imagine it makes sewing for them much easier :)

  10. I wish I had a house cleaner. An assistant to clean up my sewing messes and clutter would be even better!
    I love sewing for my boys. They really like it. Their friends think it is cool. It is weird to see my boys' handme downs on their friends.

  11. Those shorts are so cute, but not as cute as your boys!

  12. I don't blog (just lurk around the interwebs) but not many of my real life friends know I sew. I don't hide it, it's just they don't share the obsession! I'm about to let my cleaner go :( as the management of the process has become annoyingly tedious, quite frankly I can do it better in half the time. And then, looking for the upside, I can redirect those funds to lovely fabric :)

  13. Weekend wines and sewing is a match made in heaven!

  14. Hi Christy,
    I'm a little late but I just saw your last post and wanted to chip in! I've got a new sewing blog and posting pics on there of myself is the most discomforting, challenging thing I've ever done! I keep questioning if starting it was the right thing to do - it feels so far removed from real-me! I did link it to my real life fb page though, even though I'm not active on fb, I thought at least my peeps could see what I'm up to and I've been so surprised by the positive reaction I got. They've been very supportive and encouraging and really that's the only thing keeping me going! You have a great blog and I don't see any shame in sharing yours, you may be pleasantly surprised too!

  15. I missed your last post so took a bit of a read through the comments. I don't blog, but really appreciate those that do. My mum taught me to sew when I was a teenager and have always sewn clothes for myself and then the kids when they came along. Only in the last 6 or so years have I had a friend - just 1! - who is interested in sewing. I can totally understand why you wouldn't talk about your sewing blog with all the people in your life, as I think it's pretty much the same as the fact that I don't talk about sewing with all the people in my life 'cos they wouldn't be interested!!! I love reading about all the things you sew, and only wish I had about half the drive you do, to manage to sew about quarter of what you do! I just love how the internet has created so many connections between people interested in sewing. 20+ years ago when I started sewing, absolutely nobody was interested. I'm really inspired by so many bloggers and quite a lot by you! thanks heaps


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