Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Another fabric save

Because I always have a failed project that needs saving and I never seem to have enough tank tops....

I have made another Grainline tiny pocket tank out of a piece of very, very lovely fabric saved from a mega project fail!
This fabric a divine Japanese cotton seersucker from Tessuti. I purchased it a few years ago and decided in some mentally unstable moment to cut into it to make an un tested dress style which turned out to be a disaster. Thankfully in amongst the disaster, I had the sense to keep the large skirt pieces.

To make this tank from the misshapen pieces, I added a pleat to the center front which hides a seam line. It's a good save for a great piece of fabric and I can always do with more tanks in my wardrobe!

Pattern: Grainline Tiny Pocket tank, used before = Free
Fabric: Salvaged from the scrap heap = Free
Bias: from Nan's stash
Total = Free


  1. The fabric is lovely - so lucky you had enough to "save" for a tank top. I get so frustrated with the stuff I'm sewing that doesn't work that I bin it...probably should stop that.

  2. What timing! I just blogged my first Tiny Pocket Tank today! Finally got there, and there will be more. That fabric is divine, so great you could salvage it.

  3. So glad to hear I'm not the only one with fails! Great save.

  4. Nice save - gorgeous fabric!! ;)

  5. Great work. I think my box of 'refashions' aka fixing up project stuff ups is almost as big as my fabric stash.....

  6. Great save! I'm glad you were able to make this- it's lovely!

  7. Ooh, that fabric is gorgeous! Nice that you could save it. :)


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