Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Woodland Sorbetto

I feel like I'm the last sewist in blogland to make a Sorbetto, but I now know why I've seen so much of this pattern since its release.
This is made with a cotton poplin from Spoonflower called Woodland. I purchased it late last year when Spoonflower offered free shipping. It took over one and a half months to arrive, due in most part to the Christmas shipping rush, or not-so-rush.
The Sorbetto is sweet, and fits well. I actually thought there would be a little more ease, but I'm still happy with the fit. I have found the tank to be a little short though. Was I supposed to add hem allowance? I sewed a scant hem and it's still maybe half an inch or so too short.

There will definitely be more of these simple tanks in the future.

Pattern: Colette Sorbetto = free
Fabric: 1 yard poplin = $20 Spoonflower.
Thread: from stash
Total: $20

My other Spoonflower purchases from last year include:
A fat quarter of mask fabric called "Who do you want to be today?" The boys were gagging for me to make these when it arrived. So much that I hid this fabric not long after, in the hope that they would forget about it and stop bugging me. Now that I've re-found this, and I've fessed up to having it, I have no excuse but to make these quick smart.

This globe panel was a 'why not' purchase. I really should make it....

This mobile panel was supposed to be a gift, for my new niece, Ruby (who is now 2 months old! whoops). But time got the better of me and Ruby already owned a mobile, so now I need to wait for a new baby girl to arrive.

Don't we all just need a little more time to get everything done?


  1. You and I have very similar tastes in fabric...first woodland, I just got some in the crepe de chine. Looks so cute as a sorbetto!

  2. cute blouse! i found the sorbetto tank to be very short also. if i made another i would want to lengthen it by several inches.

  3. Gorgeous top. I've had my eye on that fabric design too. And yes, wouldn't it be lovely to have more time to do everything.

  4. Looks fab! No, it's just a really short top. I automatically add 2/3 inches to the length.

  5. Very cute top. You are not the last to sew the sorbetto because I have it on my list to do still.

  6. Cute top. I started making one and even though I am short, thought that it needed some length to it. Maybe I should make one properly this time as yours looks great.

  7. I just made this up and blogged about it too! Yep, very short, but I'd read a few reviews and added all I could to the length based on the fabric length I had. I think I added about an inch or so, but agree I'll add a few more inches next time. Cute fabric!

  8. nevermind last to make it I hadn't even heard of it..... I think I must live under a rock. Never the less I've managed to make an almost identical blouse just this week, but mine has a cute neck bow. I'm gonna post about it tonight :)

    love yours, the fabric makes it something special

  9. Just love your Sorbetto - it is one of my fav. patterns at the moment. That is the correct length, though I have added on a few centimetres to mine each time. My latest one has been sitting cut out for a couple of weeks - you have motivated me to sew it together this weekend....that is, if time permits....

  10. That voile is awesome. I love fabrics I can colour in XD
    PS your comments section doesn't work for non-Google users. You might want to install disqus or something similar for cross-platform commenting and response tracking (it also has the same built in anti-spam algorithm as wordpress which means no more hideous blindness inducing recaptcha word guessing yay...)


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