Sunday, April 26, 2015

Hudson x 2

This weekend I enjoyed a lovely birthday weekend, spent with friends, family and quite a bit of sewing time.

In addition to making my first Morris blazer (which I tried to photograph today in the rain, but the photos are not good at all), today I made a pair of True Bias Hudson pants, which I love so much that I very quickly made a second.

The first pair was made with a piece of dark grey marle ponte that has been maturing in my stash for quite a few years.
The second, which I shortened and slightly widened the leg below the knee, was made with a piece of polo type knit that I inherited from a friend's mother, along with a considerable amount of 80's coral and turquoise knit and a stack of knit binding.

I really love these pants and look forward to make more in the near future. They really are such an fast and easy project.

I was particularly spoilt for my birthday and scored a lovely stash of Madelintosh Unicorn Tails skiens and a super awesome IlCentimetro bracelet. I'm feeling totally loved and ready for another big week of school.

Have a great week!

Friday, April 24, 2015

Bubble Dress

Another finished project from the recent school holidays - a simple knit dress for Adele.
This project was a crude hack from the outset. I half traced an existing dress and half copied a vintage pattern that I pulled from my cupboard.

The bodice is self lined for a little warmth and the skirt is a double, bubble layer of fabric. The fabric is a light poly viscose knit from The Remnant Warehouse. It's just a little too wild for me.

The kid is happy.

PS: The Morris has landed and jumped to the front of the queue.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

PJs for the boys

Or as we call them in our house - jarmies.
James and I picked out these two flannelette prints from Spotlight during their summer holidays 30% off sale. As these holidays rolled around and Spotlight announced they were having another 30% off sale, I thought it best to sew up my last purchases before buying any more fabric.

I don't sew often for the boys, but they are always grateful for the items I do make for them. The jersey shorts and simple pull on pants that I've made for them in the past are in high rotation and still fit, just.

I had to practically drag them outside to take photos of these jarmies. We started with the standard line up photos, before I suggested the trampoline. Clearly the trampoline is more fun!

As you can see our trampoline is a little more old fashioned than the ones you get these days with nets around them. Ours had a net which disintegrated over time, so we removed it and the kids seem to play on it more now. It's like we have a new toy in the backyard. No accidents yet either *touch wood*.

While I had a bunch of borrowed Ottobre magazines to trace a pattern for these jarmies, I ended up buying one on sale from Spotlight. I purchased Simplicity 5271 so that I could avoid tracing and just cut the pattern size I need. For the few dollars I paid for the pattern, it was worth it.

I cut both boys the Size 6-8 pattern. James' is shortened and Oliver's is at pattern length. As these patterns have a fair amount of ease, it didn't matter that the front and back of the raglan top had no stretch. The sleeves are made from fleece from my stash, which I received at some point from one of my mothers quilting friends, along with a fair amount of binding in various colours. All from their 80's tracksuit sewing career no doubt.

Naturally the boys are really pleased with their pjs. I'm certain they will last a couple of years as I left deep hems on the pants for when they have a growth spurt.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Burda Maxi with Simplicity 1366

The first week of school holidays is almost over and it has been marvelous! A little fabric shopping (or a lot!), a little sewing (or a lot!) and a bit of adventure (with some fabric and pattern book shopping!) - bliss! I feel like I've sewn enough this week to keep my blog active for the next school term and I haven't even made the work trousers I planned to make, or the wedding/frocktails frock, or my boucle jacket/cardigan. I have however, made a bunch of simple, gratifying items that really help build your basic wardrobe and lift your sew-jo. I'll hopefully photograph them for you shortly, but in the meantime, feel free to catch me on Instagram.

This ensemble was made during my two, precious kid free days that I have enjoyed these holidays. I try most holidays to organise two days - short days - without the kids, just so that I can relax and enjoy quiet time without being asked for food every two minutes or being told "I'm bored" or "Can I have something banned/inappropriate/dangerous?", etc. I feel like this kid free time is especially necessary given my day job - teaching other people's kids. This time does come at a cost though, but I feel that it is definitely worth the expense and I know that my kids enjoy the sport camp activities.
Anyway, this week I have made another Burda maxi train skirt 09/2014 #105 (train omitted) and a Simplicity 1366 top. Am I the last blogger to make this top???

Earlier this week I went to Pitt Trading with the kids to see their remnants and was not dissapointed. It's not often that I walk into a fabric store and buy many pieces, but I just couldn't help myself. This stain glass viscose/poly? fabric was destined to become a maxi skirt from the second I saw it and I didn't wait long to cut into it to make this.

I really like the Burda maxi train skirt pattern, which I used previously here. I love the straighter front panel and the super swishy back. This fabric is a little thinner than my last viscose twill and I plan to wear it with tights when the weather cools down, so drafted a semi lining to ensure it didn't grip to my tights.

I wore this into the city with the kids today and got quite a few compliments on my skirt, which naturally was awesome. Even the girl at the Fabric Store asked about it and told me she liked it. Considering all the Surry Hills fabric store workers appear to be aspiring fashion designers, I'm taking this as a significant compliment.

This top is my first real Simplicity 1366, which is a rather popular, drop shoulder, boxy, Cynthia Rowley pattern.

The fabric for this top is a super smooth and drapey viscose weave fabric that I picked up from My Hung in Paramatta late last year. It is so soft and thick, I just had to have it. I purchased a top and pant length in black, as well as white and orange in a top length. It was also priced really well - way less than $10pm - which really enticed me to buy it in all three colours available. Hopefully I'll be able to photograph the other colours for you soon so you can see the thick weave, which isn't visible in these photos.

I really like this outfit and I think it is really well suited to Autumn weather and my work. I can easily sit on the floor without worrying about splitting my pants or showing off my knickers.

I hope you have a fab weekend. I think we are destined for a little rest after today's big adventures.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015


And just like that, we are on holidays!

Even though we've been home for a few days, thanks to the Easter weekend, it really doesn't feel like a break until my husband returns to work and the kids and I can have a truly lazy day. Don't tell him I said that.

This skirt I made for Adele was a ridiculously easy way to get rid of a remnant from my stash. Just a simple elastic waist skirt with a frill along the top and ribbon trim on the bottom.
The funny part is all the serious poses she showed off during this photo session. I don't know what happened, but there was no sticking out tongues, just a series of 'beautiful'!

I have two kiddy free days this week and plan to sew like a mad woman!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

More Skinny Work Trousers.

On the eve of school holidays, I thought it wise to post my last over due project that I completed in the summer holidays. Yep, my backlog can be that long at times! You see, when it is super hot and humid, I really struggle - like most sensible people - to don trousers for the sake of taking photos for this little blog. I'm just not that committed. :)

These trousers are similar to many I've made before - feel free to look through my finished projects pages to see the many pairs I've completed for work wear. They originally started as Thurlows, then morphed partially by my Burda jeans pattern and have been modified and refitted so many times I'm not sure they are any pattern any more.
They work, but this pair of trousers isn't perfect. I'm not sure whether I cut the fabric off grain, sewed it wrong or something else, but one leg seam twists around almost 180 degrees. Weird, but thankfully the fabric print hides it.

I purchased this stretch sateen from Spotlight during one of their summer sales. I've had quite good success with their printed sateen and this one is also quite nice.

I'm not sure why, but I have sewn faux welt pockets onto the back of these trousers even though you can not see them at all!! I can be crazy at times.

I played with the colour in this photo so you could see the print and true fabric colour a little better. Those splotches are quite vibrant.

I have another pair of trousers that I'm hoping to make these holidays and possibly another jacket. So many possibilities! How on Earth will I prioritise my holiday sewing plans??

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Sewing Grey

Last weekend I didn't get any time in my sewing cave at all! Even on my busy weekends, I always manage to potter around in there for a short while. Picking up fabric or patterns to contemplate my next project. But last weekend, there just wasn't any time and I've felt lost and stressed all week, which I've put down to this lack of peace in my sewing happy place.

The school term is almost finished and I am hanging for holidays. We are all tired and stressed and in need of a few lazy mornings. My sewing time has suffered this term, largely due to my increased workload - working full time, kid in kindy, two busy boys refusing to do homework or hand in notes and husband working crazy hours in his new job. One would think that the additional work that I've undertaken would mean that I'd been crashing in bed each night, but alas this is not the case. My sleep has been worse than ever. :(

Reading has always helped me sleep, but I don't find reading in bed works for us as it hurts my eyes and the light keeps my husband awake, which means he becomes the cranky one. So I coughed up some $$ and bought myself a Kindle Paperwhite - which I LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! I can read in bed with no light and my eyes don't hurt!
Naturally with a new gadget, I needed a new case and that is something simple enough to knock together without hurting my brain too much. I made this Kindle case the weekend before last from an old felt laptop case which I don't use anymore - who even owns a laptop that big anyway?? I cut it apart, attached velcro, sewed up the side and voila! New case.
The original laptop case.
It was so simple that I made another for a friend too.

While sewing grey, it only felt right to knock up a simple grey tank with some fabric left over from the tee in this post. This tank has been on such high rotation since I finished it. I can't believe I've never owned a simple grey knit tank - it's so versatile!
To make this an even quicker project, I simply turned under the edges and cover stitched them. It's not the best finish for all knit fabrics, especially thin ones, but worked a treat here.

I hope you have a great week! only 4 more work days till holidays!!